Welcome to Useless Loop Primary School!

Whether you are an existing Useless Loop family or a prospective family looking to join the Useless Loop community, welcome to our school.

We are an innovative and high achieving remote school with high expectations and targets of our students and staff. As a close-knit community, the school forms a central hub for Useless Loop families and are consistently involved in events in the town. We enjoy a very positive review from our parent community in our national parent surveys.

As a school, we are very well resourced and utilise the most up to date technology to assist in the education of our students. Our programs are all research based and are taught with fidelity by consistently upskilled teachers and education assistants.

Our staff are highly trained, caring and collaborative. We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest evidence-based programs used throughout the school such as Sounds Write, Talk4Writing, Heggerty, Teach Well and Spelling Mastery.

Useless Loop Primary School aims to meet the needs of all students, no matter their demographic, cultural, ethnic, or religious background. Staff are well versed and trained to individualise student learning where they welcome and encourage parent involvement.

A bit of background about myself, I began my teaching career in the Midwest at Mt Tarcoola Primary School and I’m delighted to be back in the region.  I have worked as a Deputy Principal at Dunsborough Primary School and been a Level 3 Specialist Teacher for many years. My teaching experience includes Technologies, Digital and Design, Drama, Phys Ed, Art and Music. I have led Sustainability initiatives since 2011 and received many awards and recognition for leading school programmes. I have also worked as a Curriculum Support Teacher across the state for the Department of Education leading implementation of support materials for teachers. As a Level 3 Principal, I enjoy connecting with the students as I teach the specialist teacher roles at Useless Loop Primary School.

As the Principal, I am passionate about working alongside staff, students, and the broader community to ensure Useless Loop Primary School students achieve their very best in learning environments that are engaging, safe and fun aimed at achieving optimal outcomes for all.

I am new to the school, and the town, arriving in January 2024 and I look forward to playing an active role in the school community.

I am very proud of the successes of my predecessor at Useless Loop and know that it has become one of the highest achieving remote schools with resources and educational opportunities that would rival many larger mainstream schools!

Please feel free to find out more about our school programs in our Business Plan and Annual reports.

Kind regards,
Helena Nicholson
Useless Loop Primary School

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